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A selection of online atheist videos to make you think and smile

Atheist Anthems*

My favourite ...

... and more

And check out the Super Furry Animals:
God! Show me Magic
Run! Christian, Run! with LaZyLiFe commentary

* Thanks to the Atheist group on Kiva for these suggestions


You may have seen it before, but it's always worth another play: a festive look at life, with the words of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking


Douglas Adams on the origins of God . . .

. . then arguing that proof of God = proof of no-God . .

. . Hitler's harangue . .

. . a watermelon proving there is no God . .

. . . Abraham, God and Ivan ...

. . . and Noah's Ark

Personal story

Indie rock singer David Bazan breaks up with God

The Psychology of Religion

Darrel W Ray on The God Virus (first of a series)

Children and Religion

Dale McGowan of on why children should learn about religion.

Debating Atheism

Is Atheism the New Fundamentalism? - debate in London in November 2009, with Richard Dawkins and A C Grayling. This is the opening speech. For the full debate, click here.

Rap Guide to Evolution

From the extraordinary Baba Brinkman, with Rachel Maddow interview

The Old Testament and History

What was going on in Palestine in the first Millenium BCE? See this series of videos from the Discovery Channel. It becomes particularly interesting around sections 4,5 and 6.

Science saved his soul

The last three minutes of this video is an abrupt and not entirely successful change of mood, but this is nonetheless a highly impressive meditation on our place in the universe - and on the irrelevance of religion.

Food for Thought

From Christianity to atheism in 3.49 minutes. It's been said before, but richie3622 says it with style.

Hard-hitting reason and humour from British-born, Australian-accented performer Tim Minchin

What would happen if God suddenly disappeared?

How to Reason

Check out this basic lesson on reasoning from Qualia Soup.

Militant Atheism

British commentator Pat Condell on the Islamic threat to human rights and the misguided support given by the United States.
The sentiment is worthy, but the style doesn't win converts...

For a cooler assessment see:
Index on Censorship
USA today article
Wikipedia article

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If God existed, he would...

admire the beauty of a universe that he did not create

recognize that eternity is meaningless

deny both heaven and hell

disown all men and women who speak in his name

denounce the harm caused by religious "morality"

help the human race to thrive without him

If God existed, he would be an atheist.

What is the difference between science and faith?

science is certain of nothing and requires proof of everything

faith is certain of everything and requires proof of nothing

Which do you trust?

"I know there is no God"
"I believe there is no God"

Check the answer

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