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Column 108
The mask of compassion

The face of evil

By © Martin Foreman
Word Count: 793 words
Publication date: May 20, 2007

To an objective eye, God’s wickedness is apparent from the earliest book in the Bible to the latest natural disaster.

First he denies Adam and Eve the gift of knowledge, then he expels them from Eden when they are tricked into acquiring it for themselves. Later he commits genocide, happily watching most of the human race drown in agony.

A few years on, he offers his chosen people an arid, unforgiving desert while allowing heathens to live in tropical paradises. To further restrict their development, he confines them with hundreds of petty senseless laws.

A dedicated sadist, God frequently encourages his people to fight each other. He takes pleasure in striking down the guilty and innocent. He slaughters children and threatens the life of the unborn.

In Act Two of the Christian version, he offers the world a savior, then shows his “love” not through kindness but torture and murder. This will continue to the end of the world, when eternal life is promised to the blessed few while God can look forward to the endless torments of those that he casts into hell.

(Apologists for Yahweh say that men, not God, killed Christ. This is technically true, but the all-powerful God could have demonstrated his love by stopping the execution and making saints of bad men. The fact that he did not do so underscores his essentially evil nature.)

In the Muslim version, God styles himself “the Compassionate”, which is no more believable than George W Bush’s compassionate conservatism. Allah’s true nature comes through in the violence he metes out to unbelievers, apostates, women and others who displease him.

In the modern world, God continues his autocratic and capricious rule. Each year he allows natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms to devastate the human race – occasionally he rewards himself with a bumper crop, such as the 2004 tsunami.

To cow his followers, God insures that most of those who represent him are narrow-minded bigots who preach intolerance to all who deviate from his narrow path.

Sure, God and his representatives preach love, but as every autocrat from Adolf Hitler to Saddam Hussein knows, one of the basic rules of dictatorship is to claim the moral high ground while practising the most hideous of crimes.

Furthermore, the modern deity maintains his centuries-old tradition of encouraging ignorance not knowledge. Creationism and its mutant child, intelligent design, steal the mantle of science. Reason is denounced as God’s enemy, not humanity’s friend.

Above all, those closest to God prove their devotion through murder and terror. How the deity must have rejoiced, first when Muslims destroyed the Twin Towers and then when everyone else was blamed for the act, from Jews to the American government, from homosexuals to women.

Do you see the pattern? The all-powerful, all-knowing, God pretends to be good but since the dawn of time he has consistently either practised evil or allowed others to practise it in his name.

This wide discrepancy between God’s claim to compassion and his acts of evil is so long-standing and extensive it cannot be ignored.

Rational people have long since realised that this anomaly means the concept of God is impossible and irrelevant, but people of faith are not rational. They are convinced that an all-powerful deity both created this world and maintains an active and benevolent presence and involvement in its affairs.

For the sake of argument, assume that they are right. Everything in the Bible and Koran is true and an all-powerful creator watches over us. But it only makes sense if we make one small adjustment. We have to assume that God is not compassionate.

Only then does it all make sense. All the times in the Bible when people suffer as the results of God’s actions or inaction. The religious leaders who preach violence and hate. The promise of hell to the many and paradise to the few.

Above all, God’s lies. The hypocrisy of claiming to be love and compassion while dealing out fear and cruelty.

Believers have been hypnotized as effectively as Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge or Chinese youth under Mao’s excesses, as Americans were in the early days of this presidency. Christians and Muslims alike are persuaded that black is white, that neglect is care, that egosim is selflessness, that creationism is science and that God loves us. 

It is all untrue and we are all victims of lies and propaganda. If there is a God, that god is not Yahweh or Allah but Satan or Shaitan.

Rationalists have long known that neither God nor Satan exists. People of faith can take that first step towards enlightenment by recognizing that the only possible deity is one who wears the mask of compassion over the face of utter evil.

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