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Column 100
Reasons to believe

Why God must exist

By © Martin Foreman
Word Count: 799 words
Publication date: March 25, 2007

(This column was inspired by and

How many proofs are there of God’s existence?  Literally hundreds.  Here’s a common one:

Everything that exists has a cause. The universe exists. Therefore it has a cause. The cause can only be God. Therefore God exists.

Or how about this one?

I can conceive of a perfect God. One of the qualities of perfection is existence. Therefore God exists.

Try this for size:

Look at this beetle / bacterium / monkey / whatever. It’s too complex to have come into existence by chance. Something must have created it. Therefore God exists.

How about:

My aunt had cancer. The doctors said it was incurable. My aunt and her friends prayed to cure the cancer. It went away. Therefore God exists.

I was a dissolute person until I discovered God. Now I don’t drink or take drugs and I’m president of the United States. Therefore God exists.

I asked God into my life. He came. Therefore God exists.

The Bible (or the Koran or the Torah or fill in the blank) tells me that God exists. Therefore God exists.

Most people believe that God exists. Therefore God exists.

God is love. Love exists. Therefore God exists.

There is good and bad in the world. God created good. Therefore God exists.

Human reasoning is inherently flawed. Therefore human propositions cannot be reasonably challenged. I propose that God exists. You can’t challenge me. Therefore God exists.

If there is no God, there is no meaning. But our lives have meaning. Therefore God exists.

We cannot prove that God doesn’t exist. Therefore God exists.

Some of these arguments have a superficial appeal and I’ll come back to them in the next two columns. Many others  venture into the absurd. How about some of the following?

Telling people that God exists can make evangelists rich. I am an evangelist and I am rich. Therefore God exists.

I don’t care what you think. I know that God exists. Therefore God exists.

A lot of really cool people believe in God. Therefore God exists.

If God doesn’t exist, then I am a very minor blip in a very large cosmos. I don’t want to be a minor blip. Therefore God exists.

We need God. Therefore God exists.

Christianity (or Islam or Judaism or whatever) is too weird for people to have invented. Therefore God exists.

More intelligent people than me have proved that God exists. (Often using one or more of the arguments in this article.) Therefore God exists.

My life and my partner and my children are wonderful. Only God could have made me so happy. Therefore God exists.

My life is terrible and I am the unhappiest person in the world. Anyone as unhappy as me must be rewarded after they die. Therefore God exists.

I don’t understand evolution or geology.  Therefore God exists.

I do understand evolution and geology, but I don’t like the idea of a world without God. Therefore God exists.

There are hundreds of arguments for God. The laws of chance say they can’t all be wrong. Therefore God exists.

God is so totally awesome that he must exist. Therefore God exists.

God listens to my prayers. Sometimes he even answers them. Therefore God exists.

If God doesn’t exist my life is meaningless. Therefore God exists.

God allows me to make the same argument twice. Therefore God exists.

You can’t seriously believe there is no God. Therefore God exists.

The apostles and martyrs (of whichever religion you choose) wouldn’t have died for no reason. Therefore God exists.

Half an eyeball is impossible. Therefore God exists.

I don’t want to be descended from or related to apes. Therefore God exists.

Jesus warned us that the devil would quote from the Bible. Atheist quote from the Bible. Therefore God exists.

There are many religions. They can’t all be wrong. Therefore God exists.

If people didn’t believe in God there would be anarchy. There isn’t anarchy. Therefore God exists.

I think. Therefore God exists.

I saw the Virgin Mary in an omelette. Therefore God exists.

The Founding Fathers believed in God. All right, some of them believed in some kind of God. Therefore God exists.

When people stop believing in God, bad things happen to them. Therefore God exists.

If God didn’t exist, why would we believe in him? Therefore God exists.

The law of entropy says that the universe is coming to an end. Therefore God exists.

I can argue that God exists. Therefore God exists.

Priests (and imams and rabbis and so on) tell me that God exists. Therefore God exists.

My best friend tells me that God exists. Therefore God exists.

That’s enough for this week. Check out the sites cited above for more examples. We’ll start picking the reasoning apart next week.

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science is certain of nothing and requires proof of everything

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