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Chapter Seven: Beyond Religion

Section 12: An atheist's credo

Belief in humanity and ourselves is a more honest philosophy than belief in non-existent gods.

This section and most of the rest of this website will be updated shortly.

For an earlier version of this article, see An atheist's credo.

Moving On

What now? True atheism means forgetting God. He doesn't exist; he's a children's fairy tale that we put to the back of our minds while we get on with our lives. If that's your way forward, great! Good luck in whatever you do.

Unfortunately, life isn't always that easy. While most believers keep their faith to themselves, a vocal and aggressive minority of Jews, Christians and Muslims seek to impose their god on us in both our private and public lives.

Atheist and humanist organisations exist to preserve and extend the rights of all men, women and children to lead lives free from religious ignorance and prejudice. If you want to become part of this endeavour, click on Resources (column left) for follow-up materials and activities.

National Secular Society

Debaptise yourself with a certificate downloadable from the UK National Secular Society.

A new beginning

How do you live when you realize that religion is false?

Do you descend into despair? Lead a life of crime and depravity?

The opposite, actually. Atheists appear more likely to live moral, happier lives than those who are stuck in superstition.

7.1: We should all be Japanese
Where atheism and morality come together

7.2: Facts and illusions
Knowledge and reason overcome ignorance and superstition

7.3: The meaning of life
Meaning comes from within

7.4: Suffering and death
No-one can avoid them

7.5: The pursuit of happiness
There is no higher goal

7.6: You or me?
Who comes first?

7.7: This wondrous universe
Nature inspires awe

7.8: War and peace
How atheists should respond

7.9: Yule enjoy Christmas
Let's all celebrate

7.10: Protect the children
Leave religion to adults

7.11: Who knows? Who cares?
Moving on from atheism

7.12: An atheist's credo
What we believe

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A joke for some, a serious statement for others, the debaptism certificate is an opportunity for individuals to repudiate a faith into which they were forced at an age when they were too young to understand what was happening. Download the certificate and get more background information here.

For advice on how to excommunicate yourself from the Roman Catholic Church, click here.

And... are you an ex-Hindu / ex-Jew / ex-Muslim with a theological background? If so, contact NSS to help them create similar certificates for these and other religions.

"The word atheist is a larger, friendlier and more glorious word than you might imagine. ... It is about a solidarity with nature and with the universe: we are not afraid of the universe in which we live, we do not create dragons and devils with which to scare ourselves, we are not frightened that a vacuum is empty or that we begin dying as soon as we are born. We are exactly, precisely, and wholly natural."
Eric Maisel The Atheist's Way

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If God existed, he would...

admire the beauty of a universe that he did not create

recognize that eternity is meaningless

deny both heaven and hell

disown all men and women who speak in his name

denounce the harm caused by religious "morality"

help the human race to thrive without him

If God existed, he would be an atheist.

What is the difference between science and faith?

science is certain of nothing and requires proof of everything

faith is certain of everything and requires proof of nothing

Which do you trust?

"I know there is no God"
"I believe there is no God"

Check the answer

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