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Chapter Five: Faith in action

Section 2: Doing bad

Bad people often do bad things in God's name; faith may destroy more than it preserves.

This section and most of the rest of this website will be updated shortly.

Some of the issues are covered in Why not Hawaii?, A plague on all your houses and Kill God, Save Lives.

In this thought-provoking video, British personality Stephen Fry decries the malign influence and actions of the Roman Catholic Church.

video source: Daily Motion

Chapter Five: Section 3
Men and women

Can faith move mountains?

People create God in their own image. What happens when they not only believe in God but put their faith into action?

The results are predictable: good people do good things in the name of religion and bad people do bad things. They act in God's name but God is irrelevant.

5.1: Doing good
Much good is done in the name of God ...

5.2: Doing bad
... and much bad

5.3: Men and women
Subjugating half humanity

5.4: Child abuse
Perverting young minds

5.5: God and Mammon
God can make you rich!

5.6: Apostasy
Sentencing disbelievers to death

5.7: My Way
People's faith reflects their personality

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Chapter 6
A Moral Code

Religion makes a strong claim to morality - only God and faith, apparently, keep us moral.

It's a nice idea, but it's totally false. A close examination of religion indicates how immoral it is - only humanist values guarantee a truly ethical approach to life.

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If God existed, he would...

admire the beauty of a universe that he did not create

recognize that eternity is meaningless

deny both heaven and hell

disown all men and women who speak in his name

denounce the harm caused by religious "morality"

help the human race to thrive without him

If God existed, he would be an atheist.

What is the difference between science and faith?

science is certain of nothing and requires proof of everything

faith is certain of everything and requires proof of nothing

Which do you trust?

"I know there is no God"
"I believe there is no God"

Check the answer

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