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Welcome to a website where reason and humanity prevail...

Does God exist?
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Rodin's Thinker

How did Noah get all the animals on the Ark?

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A false friend
Faith is the absence and denial of reason. Faith is guesswork. Faith is emotion grasping at straws. Faith tells us what we want to hear. Faith is not a window into truth and the world that surrounds us but a mirror that turns inwards, reflecting only our own fears and longings.
Reason and faith

We will all be atheists
As many as 20% of the human race may be unbelievers. Two hundred years ago, fewer than 2% would have seriously considered the idea that the universe was God-free.
A natural state

Do aliens know about the crucifixion?
The possible existence of intelligent species elsewhere in the universe raises important theological questions. Has God revealed himself to these alien beings? And if so, how did he do so?
Jesus in space

How did the koala get to Australia?
Fundamentalist and creationist Christians believe the Bible is literally true, but many stories in it never occurred. One is the story of the Flood. How many contradictions you can spot?
Noah's impossible Ark

The Early Days of Islam
Two books - The Origins of Islam and Muhammad and the Believers - suggest that early Islam had strong connections with Christianity. Check them out here.

Learn to reason
The ability to reason is humanity's greatest talent. The more effectively we think, the more clearly we understand ourselves and the world around us.
How to reason

Sibling rivalry in the Middle East
Religion has been the cause - or rationale - for war for at least a thousand years. The current focus of hostilities is Israel-Palestine. Jews and Arabs are ethnic, linguistic and cultural siblings with more to unite than divide them. Only religion drives them apart.
Why not Hawaii?

Myth or morality?
Morality does not exist outside human experience. The tides ebb and flow, the sun rises, rain falls, volcanoes erupt, plants grow and are eaten by herbivores, herbivores are eaten by carnivores and the dead bodies of carnivores return to the earth in one form or another to feed the next generation of plants.
True morality

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If God existed, he would...

admire the beauty of a universe that he did not create

recognize that eternity is meaningless

deny both heaven and hell

disown all men and women who speak in his name

denounce the harm caused by religious "morality"

help the human race to thrive without him

If God existed, he would be an atheist.

What is the difference between science and faith?

science is certain of nothing and requires proof of everything

faith is certain of everything and requires proof of nothing

Which do you trust?

"I know there is no God"
"I believe there is no God"

Check the answer

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